I have always been a messy guy. Cleaning and tidying up is just not something that interests me. I work hard, play hard, have an excellent job, and enjoy a few perks. Work had always been crazy busy and that wouldn’t change any time soon, so I decided to hire a cleaner.

I had interviewed at least 10 cleaners over the course of that week. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find one, and then Elena walked in.

Elena, came with good references, she was vibrant, young and beautiful. The interview went well, and afterwards I asked her to do a sample kitchen clean. At this point, Elena crossed her legs. Full on, basic instinct, with no knickers on, she crossed one leg over the other, slowly and purposefully. I pretended I hadn’t seen it and told her she could use the master bedroom if she needed to get changed into her cleaning clothes. Even though I was quite turned on, I was determined to remain professional.

Elena made her way to the bedroom to change. I watched her walk away with a real hip sway almost like she was on the catwalk. This girl had small tits and a firm ass, her body was amazing.

The outfit she had put on was an actual maid’s outfit. I didn’t think people actually wore those, but I wasn’t complaining. It was short, barely there and she even had a feather duster. It had crossed my mind that maybe I had hired her from a different kind of agency, but her references said otherwise; she had a real sexy walk, she was naturally hot, and she knew it.

When she was in the kitchen, she bent over to pick up a scourer. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra, her natural breasts under the thin material, there to see in all of their glory. Her gorgeous ass was giving me thoughts of sliding my cock inside. I could feel myself getting hard.

I told her I would show her where everything was so she could start cleaning. I bent down to grab the spray cleaner and when I stood up, she pulled me into her. I went to say something and was told to ‘not say, just do’.

Elena pulled her dress up and bent over the sink. I asked her if I could fuck her, she nodded, and I slid inside of her tight shaven pussy. It was mindblowing, 10 minutes ago I was interviewing her and now we were having sex in the kitchen. After a couple of minutes, she turned around and lifted herself up onto the side. I started fucking her again, pretty much ripped her clothes off and started licking and sucking her tits.

I told her I wanted to edge her, so when we did cum, our orgasms would be more intense, she agreed. We then stopped fucking and she told me to bend over, I did, and she started spanking me. I had never done that before and it was really fun. I got the feeling she was no amateur and she had definitely done this before. Apparently, I had been a very naughty boy and deserved my punishment. I was being spanked hard and I loved it.

Another first for me was the teasing. Elena, totally naked in front of me, looked me right in the eyes and started playing with herself. I could look and not touch; she was very masterful. No touching from myself either, she seemed to love naughty games. Her fingers were right inside of her, and I could see she was close to cumming. I already had precum leaking out of my cock.

My ‘punishment’ was now over, and she knelt down and started sucking my cock, licking balls to tip expertly. If I knew how hot maid sex was, I would have hired one years ago. I was about to cum, and then she stopped again. My punishment clearly wasn’t finished.

I was told to get on all fours, so I did. Elena took her feather duster and started tickling me with it. It was weird at first and then when she did it harder, it was exhilarating. I went between giggling and near orgasm and I thought I would burst when she stuck her finger in my arse. Whoa…I was a strictly no anal on me kind of a guy. One finger then became two and she started massaging my prostate. I moaned and groaned like never before, she then started to spank me again. Harder this time. I was really getting into it and told her to do it harder…the pain of it made my pre cum spill out, I couldn’t wait to cum properly.

Elena then pushed me over, rolled me onto my front and sat on top of me, the tip of my cock just inside of her pussy. I was almost delirious with the thought of her sliding her pussy down onto me and riding me hard, but she was too good. Her pussy teasing me, so wet and juicy, my cock was covered with her juices, but she just stayed there. I was impressed with her restraint. I knew she wanted to cum as much as I did.

When she finally relented, she gave me a big deep kiss and then pushed down hard onto my cock. Her hands went straight to fondling my balls and I told her I was going to cum. I shot my load right inside of her, just before her pussy started convulsing on my cock. It was intense. Elena came, laid down next to me and we stayed there for a while, recovering from the madness. After 10 minutes or so, we both cleaned ourselves up and got dressed.

I told her the job was hers if she wanted it. Elena told me she had a few other interviews and would let me know. I was, however, definitely on her shortlist.

It then became clear why she had good references…