Public Sex

The bus jolted me awake as it went through a pothole in the road. Soft moans and calls of “fuck me” were playing in my ears. I looked down and saw that I’d fallen asleep with public sex porn playing on my phone. At least the night bus was almost empty, nobody really took it this time of the year. I closed the video just as they were about to be caught having sex in public, I’ll have to see how that story pans out another time. 

My eyes scanned the rest of the passengers, I sat at the very back so had a good vantage point. An elderly couple, huddled together sleeping. A boy who looked like he was on his way home from college. And then someone in a hoodie that I couldn’t really make out. The bus slowed suddenly and came to a halt. A new passenger most likely. I closed my eyes and put my head back. 

A whiff of perfume made me open my eyes and there she was. Tall, skin like polished mahogany, waves of dark brown hair falling effortlessly around her perfect face. She wore a plain white tank top and a pair of jean shorts. It was cold outside and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Our eyes locked for a second and she gave me a smile before sitting 2 rows ahead of me.

The bus lumbered on and the black night outside was streaked with passing street lamps and the occasional nocturnal motorist. I wasn’t tired anymore so I played uninterestedly on my phone, anything to get my mind off my erection that refused to go away. 

“Evening” a voice said with a soft British accent.

I looked up and saw her take the empty seat across the aisle from me.

“Hi there” my voice cracked a bit at not having spoken for some time.

“I don’t normally do this, but I’m flying back to London in a few hours and I’ve had a very rough trip so I was wondering if you would want to give me a little going-away present? I’m feeling spontaneous tonight.”

I tried to adjust my cock without her noticing and I could feel that I had precum leaking out of me. She noticed and gave me a wink. My throat was dry.

“I uh… I mean -“

“Look”, she said. “I’m not asking you to marry me, I’m not asking you to move in and have a baby with me. I just need a good old fashioned fuck. No strings, no names, no feelings. I know you want me, I can tell by that erection you’re struggling to hide”

I blushed and smiled sheepishly. Well, might as well go with it and see where it goes. I moved my hand and opened my legs, my cock now poking proudly through my grey sweatpants. She smiled back at me.

“See that wasn’t so difficult now was it?” 

She undid her jeans and opened her legs, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. A small neat patch of hair led down to what I could only imagine was the most perfect pussy. I couldn’t wait to taste it.

I’d never had sex in public before, I’ve always fantasised about it but I wasn’t one of those people who would just engage in risky public sex. Tonight though, I couldn’t care less. I went over to her, got on my knees and pulled her jeans down. I breathed in her sweet scent before she put her hand on the back of my head and buried my face in her wet pussy. I lapped at her hungrily and she began to moan softly, pushing my head deeper into her. My hand reached up under her shirt and began to twist and tease her nipples and her breathing became faster. When I came up for air I caught sight of my reflection in the dark bus window. This was really happening, I thought to myself. I’m having sex in public!

Before I knew what was happening, she was on her back with her legs open, her wet freshly eaten love hole inviting me in. Pre-cum oozed out from the tip of my cock and I wiped it around the head, lubricating myself. Looking deep into her eyes, I pressed my throbbing head against her soft wet lips and with a moan from both of us, slid inside all the way.

“Fuck you’re so tight!” I gasped.

“Fuck me like you’re never going to see me again! Give me something to remember!”

I wiped the sweat off my brow and began thrusting deep and hard at her, my balls slapping against her with every push. Her perfect breasts bounced up and down and I leaned down to nibble and lick them. Her moaning became louder and I stole a glance at the rest of the bus – nobody could hear us this far back. They were completely oblivious to the two people having sex in public just behind them!

“Harder. Fuck me harder! I’m getting so close!” she begged me, her eyes closed and her head rolled back in ecstasy.

I put my hands on her hips and picked up the pace. We were both covered in sweat at this point and my breathing was heavy and laboured. I was getting close too. I could feel my balls start to contract as I got ready to blow my hot load and her pussy tensed up at the same time. With three more thrusts, I exploded inside her with a grunt as she bit her fist to keep from announcing her orgasm to the rest of the bus. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there breathing hard and savouring the moment.

“Cheers love. That’s exactly what I needed. Pity that I won’t see you again” she kissed my cheek and gently pushed me off. I grabbed a clean gym towel from my backpack and gave it to her, still breathless.

“You know, this is one of those public sex stories that people will never believe if you tell them”

She looked at me and smiled, “Really hot public sex doesn’t need to be bragged about babes, just enjoy the fact that you know this was real.”

Before I could say anything else the bus jolted over a speedbump and everything went black. I was back in my seat, clothed and still wearing my earphones. There was no girl across the aisle. My crotch felt warm and wet and I looked down to see a dark patch on my sweatpants. Oh god, I can’t believe I just had a wet dream about having sex in public transport.

The bus screeched to a stop and the door opened. A tall blonde girl walked in. She looked at me and smiled. She looked like someone who was spontaneous…