Big ass

I have always been attracted to bbw – big, beautiful women. Their forms and shapes have reminded me of the old Mother Earth Goddesses’ figurines, and I just wanted to worship at their feet and pussy.

I started sleeping with big fat women in my twenties, so I knew how to handle them. I learned how to make their exquisite forms bend to my will and desire. It took work to caress and massage their beautiful bodies, but their hot folds and saggy tits always rewarded me.

Just thinking about their tits milking my cock made me rock hard. Well, that and my sexy boss who had a massive ass.

Oh, yeah, you guessed it. I was one of those guys, the ones who lusted after their sexy boss lady and wanted to have hot, naked office sex with her.

My boss’ name was Layla. Layla was a brunette, and her hair swayed around her back, caressing her ass when she was hurrying around the office. She was petite in size, but her tits often tried to burst through her tight white blouse.

I had a plan to seduce her, but I was biding my time. She has recently broken up with her boyfriend, and I could feel that she was missing the male attention in her life. She was a bit more distracted than usual. Also, the other day, I could swear that she was braless in the office. I’m a detail-oriented man, so I spot things like that.

The office team building event was this weekend, and we were going for a ski trip in the mountains. The hotel was luxurious and had a spa zone. Oh, yeah, that’s where I wanted to have Layla for the first time.

The week went by fast.

On Saturday, I was the last to arrive at the ski resort. I had to stop by the sex shop on the way here. I had bought a little surprise for my sexy boss, and I couldn’t wait to hear her whimpers of pleasure once she tried it.

We skied for the day and went for dinner in the evening. Everyone was laughing and drinking.

I made sure to sit next to Layla at the table. She was giggling about something my other colleague had said, and I was laughing along with them.

Then, she turned to me and asked: “Where were you today, John? I thought I said that team building was mandatory from the start.” She was teasing me. Her eyes had twinkles in them, and her sexy smirk was provoking me.

I leaned closer to her ear and said: “I had to make a stop on the way. I got you something. It’s a surprise.” I leaned back and winked at her.

She was still smiling, but there was a question in her eyes. She was intrigued by my statement.

On the way back to our rooms, most of my colleagues were wasted. We hung around with Layla, and she asked me: “When will you show me the surprise?”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I’m going to go and relax in the spa centre. I’ve heard that they have an amazing jacuzzi. Why don’t you join me there?” I saw a bit of hesitation in her eyes, so I added, “I’ll bring in and show you your surprise.”

“Very well, I’ll come,” she said but hurried to add up, “But, I can’t stay long. I want to be rested for tomorrow’s skiing.”

“I promise I won’t keep you long, Layla.” I reassured her, and we agreed to meet directly at the jacuzzi in 20 minutes.

I was there in 10 minutes; I couldn’t resist feeling like a young and excited boy. Layla was my sexy dream come true. She wasn’t like the other fat sluts; she was a sophisticated lady.

The door to the facility opened, and Layla walked in with a towel wrapped around her body.

“Oh, you’re early,” she said, a little embarrassed. Her cheeks got rosy.

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about, Layla. You have a beautiful body.” My reassurance did something more than make her comfortable, she shivered, and her lips parted. My big-ass boss wanted me as bad as I wanted her.

She threw the towel away and came to join me in the jacuzzi.

“So, where’s my surprise, John?” She asked, her voice low and sultry.

“I have it in my pocket.” I fished the vibrating butt plug out from my pocket and held it out to her.

At first, she gasped, and her eyes bulged out, but slowly her sexy smile returned, and she asked: “I don’t know if you’re serious, but you better know how to use this, or I’ll fire your ass.”

I didn’t need a further invitation to pounce. The distance between us closed, and I kissed her. Layla moaned, and she shifted to give me better access to her body.

My hands were hungry for her. I caressed her nipples and started massaging her titts. She raised one of her legs around me, and my hand slid down to grab her massive ass. Then, I raised my hand and decided to introduce her to my erotic spanking technique.

I asked her to sit in my lap in a reverse cowgirl position and started massaging her tight ass hole. Even in the water, I could feel that she was already wet for me. I slowly pushed the butt plug inside her, and she shivered from the sensation.

Positioning her pussy on top of my hard dick, I pulled her closer to me, and she descended on the mark. I was balls deep inside of her, and we both groaned at the sensation.

Then, I started pumping her hard from below while she was holding the edge of the jacuzzi, moaning and screaming for more. And I gave it to her. She exploded around my dick with a scream of ecstasy, and I followed her with a groan.

This might not have been the desk sex I so often imagined, but it was mind-blowingly the best sex I had had with a woman.