tore me apart

I’m the kind of girl who unreservedly loves shoving big cocks up her tight pussy. So much so my friends always joke that if unicorns were real, I’d most probably sit on one’s forehead until the day I die. Sure, I might be a bit of a slag who can’t hold down a relationship longer than what it takes to find the next, bigger dick to ride, but I’m no cock tease. I’m not ashamed of it, I like what I like.

So this one day, I was online – I think it was tinder, or bumble, or one of the many sites I was using at the time – anyway, I was searching for dick. On all my profiles I make it very clear that I’m looking for a guy with a really huge dick, who knows a thing or two about eating pussy properly. I don’t care if these guys even have names, I’m not looking for husband material over here.

I matched with this one hottie. Like he probably played varsity football, he was  ripped for days I tell you. He claimed he had a 10+ inch dick, which is a bit of a red flag first of all because what guy doesn’t know his actual dick size? I’ve done my research – with a lot of hours of practical experience too – and 5 inches is a pretty average size, and by then the biggest dick I’ve taken was maybe 8 or 9 inches. 

I wanted to see this 10+ incher so badly. We chatted for a bit and decided we would meet up for a relaxed drink just to feel the vibes before we get a bit naughty at home. He only had one request, and that was that I wear something sexy, like lacy black lingerie, when I came over to his place. I told him that I would, knowing full well I was going knickerless like I always do.

The vibe was so electric we barely paid attention to whatever Netflix show was playing on TV. We didn’t even get halfway through our drink when his hand was already up my skirt. He stopped when he realized I was completely commando.

“You’re a little naughty bitch aren’t you?”

“Yeah, but you fucking like it.”

I kissed him and bit his lower lip. I could tell how impressed he was with me, he must have liked my confidence. He ripped my clothes off. His big dick was getting harder and harder as my hand stroked it over his pants. It grew and grew and I suddenly understood what 10+ meant. He was MASSIVE. I pulled down his pants and what looked like a good 12 girthy inches stared back at me.

“Why don’t you suck my dick to see if it fits.” He smirked.

I felt nervous, but even more excited, because in all my years spent sucking cock I knew this would be the one to remember. I lowered my face next to his massive dick and started licking it like a juicy popsicle. My tongue tasted the entire length of his cock until I reached the tip, tasting the precum that started oozing out.

I grasped his cock with both hands as I wrapped my lips around the helmet. I tried to take in as much as possible, but it stretched my mouth more than I could handle. I still wanted it so much but I wondered whether even my soaking wet pussy could take it all.

My hands let go of his girth, squeezed my breasts together and started giving him a good big dick titty fuck, with every thrust taking as much of his tip in my mouth as I could.

“Are you going to be okay to try a few different sex positions babe?”

Without any hesitation I looked him in the eyes and just said: “Go ahead and fuck me raw

In one move he lifted me and bent me over the sofa. He teased his cock around my pussy, sliding it over my hole and covering his length in my wetness, then very slowly started sliding it in. I let out a loud moan as I felt every inch entering me, he stretched my hole wider and wider.

What followed was rough sex like I’ve never had before. I was used like a rag doll, and I loved every second of it. My tight hole would never be the same after he penetrated my sweet lips. Every thrust felt like it was the first time he was entering me. It felt like he was ripping me a new one over and over. All I could do was go with the ride, moaning louder and louder as I got fucked against the wall, pounded over the kitchen counter and ploughed over the sofa.

My body was in pure ecstasy as he very masterfully fingered my clit, kissed and caressed all my erogenous zones, and played with my rock hard nipples. I lost count how many times he made me cum that night. It must have been a new Guinness world record. Next time I might need to invite someone to officiate.

We made it to the shower, where he finally shot his warm spunk all over my face. I fucking loved how his cum tasted so much that I wiped my face and licked my fingers clean to taste more. We showered and dried each other off and collapsed on the sofa. Netflix was still playing in the background.

 “Round two?” He asked jokingly.

 “You can get absolutely fucked! I’ll call you in a month when I’ve finally recovered”

 I left soon after and we never spoke again. But I will never forget that night that I fucked  such a massive cock that my tiny hole was stretched to a point where I’ve actually considered getting a rejuvenation.