Every woman deserves to orgasm, that’s been something I’ve always stood by. A lot of men have the tendency to forget about the girl orgasm just because they’re too busy making their own demands inside the bedroom. But not me, my woman is my priority and I won’t stop until she is completely satisfied.  

So one night I got a call from my girlfriend and she sounded a little down which isn’t like her at all.

‘’Babe, it’s been a stressful week at work, can we have a night in with some wine?’’ she said.

‘’Of course, anything for you! I’ll order some food later too!’’ I said. 

We all know the way to a woman’s heart is normally wine, food and chocolate. So off I went to the shop to grab the ingredients needed. I wanted to make tonight all about her so I grabbed a bath bomb, some massage lotion and some chocolate sauce. I then went back home and put the bath on, bubbles everywhere and a nice glass of wine on the side ready for her.

As she comes through the door, I start the night off with a little grope of her arse and a nice hot french kiss.

‘’Baths run, glass of wine is up there already and dinner we can order later’’ I said.

So she goes up into the bath and after a while I decide to join her, I sit behind her in the bath and give her breasts a nice massage, whilst I kiss her neck she turns and looks at me.

‘’This is what I need. You always know exactly what I want, don’t you baby?’’ she said. as she grabs my hand and places it between her legs.

‘’Come with me babe’’ I said as I climbed out of the bath.

We headed to the bedroom and I told her to lie on the bed, I then passed her a blindfold.

‘’Put this on and relax’’ I said. 

I then grabbed the massage lotion and began to trickle it down her body. Without hurrying, I began to rub it into her soft skin slowly moving up and down her body.

I now had her legs spread wide open and began to calmly run my tongue up the insides of them, I heard her gasp a little which made me want to go higher. I approach her already wet pussy and begin to flick my tongue around her clit, gently sucking on it as well.

‘’Lick my pussy!’’ she said as she continued to make moaning sounds.

‘’Shh.. Patience baby!’’ I said.

I decided to drizzle some chocolate sauce down her body from her breasts down to just above her clitoris. I slowly began to lick it up, teasing her at the same time with my fingers, letting her taste some of the chocolate sauce from my fingers which was mixed with her own juices.

I then started to push my tongue in and out of her, giving her a nice tongue fucking. The more of her juices I could taste, the faster I licked. I could see her gripping the pillow case, gasping for breath as the sounds of pleasure began to get louder. 

I wanted to give her a real intense orgasm so I grabbed a vibrator from her drawer. She used it a lot when I worked away so I knew she loved it.

As she kept my head down there, I held the vibrator against her clit and I could tell from the quickening of her breathing she was struggling to control herself.  

You can always tell when the female orgasm is happening, especially with my girlfriend. Her vagina begins to contract and the toes begin to curl up whilst her moans become louder.

‘’Make me cum!’’ she said at the top of her voice.

I began to lick faster, finger fucking her at the same time, I could feel her legs shaking as she began to squirt a little over my face. I was partly satisfied I had made her cum but everything was about her tonight and I had no intention in stopping there. 

I could tell she wanted more as she started to give me a handjob, I wanted to tease her a little more whilst she was still blindfolded so I rub some lotion on her breasts, massaging it in and then placing my cock between them. As I thrust slowly between them she tries to lick the tip but I only let her have a small taster. 

It was the perfect opportunity to get into a nice sixty nine so I finally gave her what she wanted, I turn around and begin to lick her pussy again whilst fucking her mouth, I could hear gentle gags but she loved every minute of it.

‘’Let me ride you! I’m so horny, let me take control!’’ she said.

My girlfriend is the type who loves to be on top whilst fucking, she liked to be in control but tonight was her night, I wanted to make sure we did the right sex positions to make her cum more than once tonight.

So I lie her face down, grabbing her arse I bring it towards me and give it a gentle slap. I begin to kiss her cheeks, spreading them and gently running my tongue on the inside as she begins to breathe heavily.

I held the vibrator against her enlarged clitoris, as I began to push my cock inside her wet warm pussy. Pushing her head into the pillow whilst the tension was building, her legs shaking and my thrusts were beginning to get faster and harder as she continued to push back into me.

I decided to turn her around and take the blindfold off, I wanted to look her in the eyes as I made her cum. I pushed her legs up onto my shoulders, rubbing her clit as I slowly pushed every inch back inside her.

‘’Suck my tits!’’ she said.

So as I continue to fuck her, I’m sucking on her tits and telling her how sexy she is.

‘’How do you like that? Deep enough for you baby?’’ I said.

‘’Don’t stop! Deeper! Make me cum!!’’ she said. 

There were loud moans from both of us as her muscles began to twitch. Her pussy tightening up around my throbbing cock, that warm feeling as she is close.

‘’Ahhh it’s here! I’ve.. I’ve just cum baby! Cum in me now!’’ she said. Usually I like to finish off in her mouth and watch her swallow but what my girlfriend wanted tonight, is exactly what she got.

I creampied her. I emptied the biggest load inside her pussy and watched it drip out of her as she laid there helplessly with her shaking body and buckled legs.

‘’I think it might be time to order some food now..’’ I said with a big smile on my face.

‘’You know exactly how to pleasure a woman baby, wow! Yes go order!’’ she said whilst wiping herself up.

After we had a nice romantic meal, round two of course was on the cards… But this time, I let her take full control.