I was in my last year of college and had just emailed my final project to my lecturer, and I figured I might have a quick wank to settle my nerves. I was alone in my dorm room. It would be a few hours before my roommate finished his lectures, and my girlfriend, Tiffany, was away visiting her best friend for the week. I popped online, searched for some girl on girl porn, and pulled my dick out. 

Watching two women fuck was such a turn-on for me! It was just my luck that none of my past girlfriends were bisexual, so my experience has only been a virtual one. I always thought and secretly hoped that my girlfriend might be adventurous enough to explore her sexuality a bit. Her best friend, Brooke, was smoking hot, and I spent many a lonely night fantasising about them together. 

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet her because she lived a few hours away. I would honestly crawl over broken glass for the mere possibility of seeing them scissoring. Tiff and I, however, never broached the topic, and I didn’t want to be that guy who pressures his girlfriend into anything

I was stroking my cock now, getting it nice and hard while watching the two girls fingering each other on the screen. It was two blonde bombshells going at it. Their moans grew louder as the one went down on the other when my door suddenly burst open.

“Surpriii…. Oh, fuck!!”

My girlfriend and a sexy brunette – who I assumed was her best friend – had just barged in. I should have never given her a key. Fuck, what were they doing here? I was all-limbs trying to pull up my pants, hide my cock and turn the porn off – all at the same time. But in my panic, I didn’t manage to do any of those to any acceptable degree of  success.

“You never told me how big he was” 

Brooke smiled at Tiff when she said it. I stood up with my pants still around my ankles, my meat sword aiming at the two of them. I wasn’t going to let this moment be awkward, so I jokingly said that it tastes even better than what it looks. 

Brooke started walking towards me. I looked over at Tiff to see her reaction, afraid that I had crossed some line with that comment. My girlfriend had already locked the door behind her and had a sexy, horny smile across her face, giving me the nod of approval. 

Brooke went on her knees and started to lick the tip of my cock. Instinctively I held her head as she slowly took my cock in her mouth, inch after inch. This gorgeous brunette had zero gag reflex as my balls hit her chin. She released my throbbing cock from her soft lips, looked me in the eye, and said: “You were right. It does taste better.”

Tiff knelt beside Brooke, and they started giving me a double blowjob, exactly how I’d always fantasised. They took turns sucking on my cock, then kissed as I slid slowly between their lips – their tongues playing with each other and covering my girth in saliva. 

Brooke noticed my phone and took one look at the porn that was still playing. “Tiff, your boy likes watching two women having sex. Wanna give him a show?”

They got up, and before I knew it, both were naked. Brooke was on her back and my girlfriend‘s face between Brooke’s legs. God, it was so hot. I could watch her eating pussy all day. I sat on my chair and watched her tongue explore every nook and cranny of Brooke’s shaved hole. One hand pumped my cock, and my other played with my balls. I loved every second of it. It made me even hornier to think that I finally had a girlfriend who was at least bi curious, if not entirely bi

Brooke started moaning as Tiff fingered her. Rubbing her swollen clit and making her sweet nectar drip down the side of her leg. Tiff slowed her movements down and looked me in the eyes as she licked her fingers clean. “Babe, are you just going to sit there, or are we going to have a threesome?” 

Tiff positioned herself over Brooke’s face – ready to have her own sweet pussy eaten. I didn’t ask, and I didn’t question. There was nowhere else for me to go but to fuck Brooke. Tiff was already moaning with pleasure when I put the tip of my cock between Brooke’s velvet flaps. She let out a muffled moan as I shoved my cock in all the way. I grabbed her by the hips and started fucking my girlfriend’s best friend while she was eating my girlfriend’s pussy. 

Brooke’s face was covered in cum in no time – she must have made Tiff orgasm at least three times by now. She lifted her head: “Suck my nipples and fuck me harder.” I could hear how much she wanted my cock as she got closer and closer to her climax. I bent down, one hand playing with her left breast and my lips latching around her right nipple. I sucked and nibbled her ample breast, all while fucking her pussy harder and harder. 

We were covered in a mist of sweat when Brooke started screaming. Her pussy was so tight around my cock I had to keep going. “I’m going to come,” she said, very out of breath at this point. I released her breasts, held her by her waist again, and pumped my cock as deep and as hard as I could. Tiff reached over to kiss me passionately. Brooke and I came at the same time, our bodies shuddering as we held on for as long as we could, revelling the moment of pure ecstasy.  

Our bodies collapsed on top of each other as the thick scent of sex lingered in the air. Tiff reached over and flicked my ear like she always does to get my attention.

“Next time, you and your best mate can barge in on me.” She winked. “I’m adding double penetration to my bucket list.” 

I was more than glad to realise that my feelings about the two of them were true Tiff and I continued dating for many years after, enjoying the company of a variety of sexual partners along the way.