Big ass

Owning The Biggest Ass In The Office

You’ll think that Layla being my boss will somehow deter me from seducing her, but you are dead wrong. My big, beautiful boss and her massive, sexy ass were a prize I had my sight on, and our team-building weekend was the perfect place to get that prize.

I Didn’t Know That VR Sex Was Such A Turn On

After being with my girlfriend for so long, I started to crave diversity in my sex life. Having sex with the same woman for years and years was starting to bore me. Instead of cheating on her, I decided to give VR sex a try and I don’t regret my decision one bit.

I Told My Wife I Would Be Late Because Something Came Up At Work

There’s a particular time in your life when all your dreams and hard work become a reality. You got a beautiful wife with a kid at home. Your mortgage payments are a breeze because you got the Directorial Promotion a couple of years ago, and everything has just fallen into place.


Met A Lesbian Couple On Tinder

Sometimes it sounds too good to be true when you hear about a Lesbian couple online needing a man. But for me it became a reality, I couldn’t believe it!

Milf sex

Had A One Night Stand With A MILF Friend From College

Carl is a young shy boy, wanting to find himself he travels Europe. Has some bad experiences and comes back to UK. He starts a new life, doing a carpentry course in college. There he meets Monica, becomes friends and their relationship blossoms. They end up having sex but a one night stand ended more than he bargained for.


Who Would Have Thought That My New Cleaner Was A Multitasker

I have always been a messy guy. Cleaning and tidying up is just not something that interests me. I work hard, play hard, have an excellent job, and enjoy a few perks. Work had always been crazy busy and that wouldn’t change any time soon, so I decided to hire a cleaner.